With over 30 years of experience in the photographic world, Chris Rodgers now specializes in photographing travel and wildlife, particularly concentrating on the wild tigers of Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, India.



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Hunting Tigress.jpg
Grey Langur.jpg
Sloth Bear.jpg
Male Tiger.jpg
Displaying Peacock.jpg
Grey Langur.jpg
Leopard Cub.jpg
Oriental Honey Buzzard.jpg
Drinking Tiger.jpg
Oriental Honey Buzzard.jpg
Hunting Tiger.jpg
Oriental Darter.jpg
Prowling Tiger.jpg
Langur Family.jpg
Male Nilgai.jpg
Tiger and Gnats.jpg
Jumping Tiger.jpg
Brown Fish Owl.jpg
Snarling Tigress.jpg


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Kathmandu Dogs.jpg
Nepal Sadhu.jpg
Coke Shop Nepal.jpg
Tunnels Kathmandu.jpg
Women of Kathmandu.jpg
Reading News in Nepal.jpg
Delhi Portrait.jpg
Rajasthani House.jpg
Sofa Delivery Nepal.jpg
Rajasthan Woman.jpg
Pulled Over in Nepal.jpg
Butchers Kathmandu.jpg
Kathmandu Nepal.jpg
Delhi Woman.jpg
Dog amongst the Pigeons.jpg
India Woman.jpg
Delhi Food.jpg
Trike in Kathmandu.jpg
Indian Coffee.jpg
Love Lane Penang.jpg