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Tiger numbers up in Chandrapur, India.Government to consider translocation

Source: PTI. Images by Chris Rodgers

Nagpur, May 24 (PTI) The Maharashtra government has asked the forest department to carry out a study on the feasibility of shifting tigers from Chandrapur to other parts of the state to reduce cases of man-animal conflict, forest minister Sanjay Rathod said.

There are nearly 312 tigers in the state, of which 160 are in Chandrapur alone. Besides, 12 striped animals are in five-km radius around the district, located around 250 km from here, Rathod said on Saturday.

"To reduce man-animal conflict, I have asked forest officials to carry out a study to check the feasibility of shifting tigers from Chandrapur to other areas," he said.

The minister held a review meeting with forest officials in Nagpur on Friday.

The number of tigers has increased in Chandrapur and the number of human deaths due to attacks by the big cats has also gone up, principal chief conservator of forests (wildlife) Nitin Kakodakar told PTI.

Therefore the forest department is thinking of "conservation translocation", he said.

"At present, there are nearly 200 tigers in Chandrapur. Another 60 cubs will be added to the population in the next year. We have to think in terms of managing their population, so there is a proposal in consideration to shift some of them," he said.

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